Marcus Paladino shares with us his slideshow from the World Ski & Snowboard Festival Pro Photo Showdown.

Marcus Paladino is no stranger to the Mountain Culture Group. His photos are regularly featured in Coast Mountain Culture magazine and we’ve showcased his work on this website (specifically in our story “What it takes to be a surf photographer in Canada” and via our social media channels. We’re also going to feature his pics when he shoots the Rip Curl Nationals next month. Recently, Marcus was invited to participate in the World Ski & Snowboard Festival Pro Photo Showdown in Whistler BC. He had won the wildcard entry, which was a shock to him, and he presented a nine-minute slideshow of his life’s work shooting cold water surfing to a crowd of over 1,500.

The four other world-renowned action sports photographers included Hawaii’s Zak Noyle, Robin O’Neill of Whistler, Tal Roberts of Portland, Oregon, and mountain bike shooter Ale Di Lullo, who ultimately won the competition. Here is Marcus’s slideshow from that event and below is a Q&A about his experience.

Hey Marcus. Sick work on this slideshow! How did you win the wildcard entry?

I actually entered at the last minute! I was about to go on a trip to Haida Gwaii when I remembered the deadline for wildcard entry was going to be while I was away. They only needed a 3 minute version and I already had an idea of what I wanted to make, it only like a few hours. I honestly didn’t think I was going to win, it was complete shock.

Did you know any of the other entrants personally?

I met Zak Noyle about a year ago in Hawaii. We were both staying at the RVCA house and he sort of took me under his wing that week. He’s such nice guy, I can’t say enough good things about him.

Above: Dean Petty gets low in Nova Scotia. Top: Surfers Michael Darling and Malcolm Daly

What was your favourite part of the event?

While the judges were deliberating, just walking around the venue and having people come up and chat with all the photographers, shaking our hands, tell us how awesome our work is. For me it was a very surreal moment, like I had actually made an impression on 1500+ people.

Any funny stories from the night?

My interview that played before my speech got some good laughs from the audience. The questions were pretty out there, so I gave some pretty ridiculous (but honest) answers. Like, “What was your best Halloween costume?” and “Have you ever taken a nude selfie?” My answer to that last one was, “I’ve taken a nude selfie but not of my face.” Everyone really seemed to enjoy that side of my personality and the show.

What’s next for you?

I’m shooting the Rip Curl Nationals event coming up in May, but I’ve also just been nominated for “Canadian Surf Photo of the Year” which is taking place that same weekend. Should be a great time, fingers crossed!