Tofino surf photographer Marcus Paladino has released his coffee table book “Cold Comfort,” which showcases bangers from Canada’s West Coast. We chilled out with him to learn the latest about life on the edge of the province.

In between moments freezing his tush in the waters off the west coast of Vancouver Island, surf photographer Marcus Paladino managed to sit down long enough during the past two years to compile the content for his first book called “Cold Comfort.” Published by Rocky Mountain Books, “Cold Comfort” is a coffee table-style tome featuring some of his best bangers of surfers and scenes near Tofino and other Pacific Ocean locales. We caught up with him to ask how the project came together and what else is new in the cold-water realm.

Hey Marcus. Congrats on the book. We profiled you three years ago on this site. What’s happened since then? (Besides a global pandemic.)

In my personal life, I got engaged! In my professional life, I came out with my first coffee-table style photo book called “Cold Comfort.”

Nice one on the engagement. Lots going on eh? What was the impetus for the book?

It was always my goal to come out with a book of my life’s works at some point, a greatest hits album so to speak. It was just perfect timing with the publishing company Rocky Mountain Books looking to expand their audience to the coast and the beginning of the pandemic gave me lots of time to curate the images. It’s been about two years in the making, but a lot happened in the last six months or so.

How is publishing a book different from your other editorial projects?

Most photo features and trip stories in magazines have limits on the number of photos that can be used, surfers featured, brands associated, images that pair well with the article, etc. The book really had no guideline at the start, it was completely open to interpretation. I decided since this was my first book that it would be most fitting to keep all the photos based on the West Coast of Canada, which is where the majority of my work is shot. All my travel photography will have to wait for the next book.

What have you learned from creating a book?

It’s a team effort. From the publisher to the designers and everyone else behind the scenes that keep the wheels turning. I think I’m just so used to working really hard to make things happen for myself that it was an adjustment to put in the trust to let people help and do their jobs.

What was one of the most frustrating moments from putting together the book?

It was probably picking the final cover design. Maks Eidelson put together a lot of fantastic options to choose from, so it was really hard to narrow it down!

And the funniest?

Staying up until 1 am writing captions before the deadline, only to realize that I’m not the most prolific writer when I’m sleep deprived.

Where is the book available?

So many places! Firstly, there’s the RMB website which gives you a great list of options and wholesale order info. Supporting local bookstores is a big priority. Check out your nearest bookstore because chances are they’re already carrying it, but if not they can order it for you. Internationally, Amazon is a great option to avoid extensive shipping costs. And finally, you can get it straight from the source on my website as well.

What’s next for you?

There might be a video project about my photography in the works, we’ll see what the future holds. I’ll probably get married at some point but besides that just keep shooting, surfing and enjoying life!

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