CMC 2 – The Versus Issue

May 18, 2012


We live in a world defined by polarity. Not just our geographical constraints as in North and South, but physically (gravity, creation/entropy), spiritually (Yin/Yang, God/Devil), even actually, as in Life and Death. Everywhere the tug-of-war between opposites is ongoing. Life is just one giant battery.

In day-to-day practice, these dualities are everywhere. We climb and eventually we descend. We work and we rest. We laugh and we cry. Perhaps this duality is a human construct but the truth is, things do battle with each other and life without this conflict is hard to imagine. A protagonist only exists when pitched against an equally rousing antagonist. Only the ugly makes the beauty beautiful.

But while these dualities may be quite obvious at their extremes, there exists a vast territory of tension in between. After all, real life is not black and white. It lives in the shades of grey. It plays out in the arena of give and take. In that space, where one opposite hasn’t cancelled the other out, well, that’s where we find the good stuff. That’s where the fights break out, the decisions made, the great stories written.

Even if we strive for pure altruistic pacifism, we can’t escape the idea that certain things are forever maligned. The night will never give way to the day. Summer could never be so without winter. Youth will never last. In the mountains the polarities are all around us. In real time. Everyday. Here’s a look inside the metaphysically philosophical ecological geographical battle that is versus.


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