CMC 1 – In Deep Issue

May 18, 2011


You can’t go into the mountains without making a commitment. They are serious that way. And perhaps that’s what draws us in. Mountains force us to make sacrifices and take risks. To find that intoxicating cocktail of apprehension and exhilaration, wonderment and inspiration, we’re willing to do almost anything. In exchange for our stray from warmth and shelter, we gain access to the rush of the wild, living world. And right there, in a visceral dance between adrenaline and perfect tranquility, in the quickest of seconds, the best moment of our life can turn into a fight to save it. It’s commitment in its purest form, a pledge to speed, skill, brevity, wisdom and the line that unfolds under our feet. To a learned but not entirely trusted confidence that everything is going to be just fine. That’s when you’re truly In Deep. For our premiere issue, we celebrate the mysterious beauty of getting there.

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