We here at the Mountain Culture Group are proud to launch our new Winter 2015/16 issues of Kootenay Mountain Culture and Coast Mountain Culture Magazines. In this issue we ask the question, “What is holy in mountain culture?” From sacred mountains to metaphorical demons, the pursuit of steelhead to backcountry nuns, transcendent surf stashes to uncommon prayers. Profiling prophets like Todds, Spricenieks and Sayers, our writers go through heaven and hell to give you a balanced representation of what it means to give reverence in the mountains. Over the coming days and weeks, magazines will begin showing up at fine outdoor retailers, coffee shops, resorts, and backcountry operators throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Okanagan, Kootenays, Montana, and Alberta. Go here to view our distribution networks for both KMC and CMC. If you really can’t wait, or live outside of our distribution networks, you can by subscriptions for both KMC and CMC. You’ll be glad you did. For the price of a case of good beer, you’ll be reading biblical deliciousness for weeks…months even!

KMC 28l Demons_Page_1
KMC Managing Editor Matt Coté goes deep into the demonic. Illustration: Ian Johnston
KMC 28k Ski Traverses_Page_1
Writer Dave Quinn takes us on mountain culture’s most sacred pilgrimage… the traverse. Photo: Kari Medig