Capt. Dave Peabody in Afghanistan with our Summer 2011 Issue

This comes from a reader who’s been keeping troops abroad connected to the mountains via KMC. Thanks for the letter Barb!

“KMC magazine has been outstanding since it’s first issue. I’ve been getting a copy at my son Mike’s store, The Choice, in Cranbrook. I also sent four copies of the last two issues to his brother, Capt. David Peabody, who is serving on a training mission in Afghanistan, based at an American army base south of Kabul. David circulates the magazine to other Canadian and American soldiers – it’s very popular and he has requested more copies. Recently he told me a senior officer from Kentucky, after reading the magazine, asked him where this amazing place called the Kootenays. David told him. He said, I’ll be up there as soon as I get home! Well done KMC.” -Barb O’Neil, Cranbrook BC