Launched in May 2022, the Headwaters podcast is announcing plans to drop two additional episodes for Season One.

A collaboration between Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine (KMC) and Columbia Basin Trust, the Headwaters podcast has announced it will launch two bonus episodes for Season One this month.

To date, the Headwaters has launched a total of eight episodes, garnering positive attention and a tremendous response throughout the Kootenays and beyond. “In just four months, since our launch, we’ve had well over 6,000 downloads, which puts us in the top 20 per cent of podcasts globally,” explains the podcast’s host and KMC Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Scott. “But, perhaps more importantly, we have received a ton of really encouraging feedback from individuals and businesses throughout the Basin. People seem to truly enjoy the stories we’re telling and the way we’re telling them.”

In those episodes, which cover subject matter from local Doukhobor history to technology, how to cut your carbon footprint to invasive species, the podcast has featured many local entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and scientists. Along the way, the Headwaters has employed nearly 40 local contributors, such as graphic designers, musicians, reporters, and podcast producers.

“We are excited to see the podcast resonate with so many people,” says Delphi Hoodicoff, Director of Communications for Columbia Basin Trust. “Kudos to the team at Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine for creating enlightening and educational episodes about the remarkable people and places in the Columbia Basin.”

Episode 9, titled “Newcomers,” looks at people who are new to the Basin, how they arrived in the Kootenays, and how they are being creative at building a life here. Episode 10, “The River,” dives into the entity that gives the podcast its name: the Columbia River. It explores the river’s unique history, how it generates power, and includes a surprising story of someone who swam its entire 2,000 kilometres.

“We’re excited to launch two additional episodes to complement our first season,” continues Scott. “The Basin is such a rich and vibrant region when it comes to stories, and it’s an honour for us to be able to tell them in this very cool audio format. We can’t wait to do more.”

You can find the Headwaters and all its episodes anywhere you get your podcasts. To find out more about the podcast itself, visit To learn more about the Trust and all the amazing work they do in our community, visit