Seasons, weather . . . life. Cycles are fascinating things. Spinning on a never-ending journey, always coming back on themselves, slightly different every time they do so. The word cycle speaks volumes in five letters. The same goes for circle, a six-letter beauty. The perfection of the forever wound into an unbroken ring of reciprocal cause and effect. And then there’s the bicycle, two circles propelled by an intricate joining of smaller circles. The feet, cranks, hubs, gears, bearings, legs . . . a marvelous invention premised entirely on circles cycling. No exhaust. No fuel save for what its rider had for breakfast. Light, transportable, some bikes fold into a suitcase; others can travel over 100 kmph. The bike may just be the most ingenious invention ever credited to the human race. No coincidence it borrows its design from two of nature’s most beautiful concepts.