The crew at the SilverStar bike park in Vernon, British Columbia, just released a sick vid featuring a downhill mountain biker versus a skier on the same trail. It went viral. Here’s the behind-the-scenes footage and interview.

Oscar Gordon is the media specialist at SilverStar Mountain Resort and one of the brain children behind the video that was just released showcasing a skier and mountain biker shredding the same trail. The response to that vid has been epic and we wanted to find out a bit more of how the project came together.

Above is the extended version of the Silverstar Bike Park video that went viral.

Hey Oscar, where did the idea for the film come from?

After incredible snowfall in our winter season, our bike park guys were working super hard to get the park open for June 23rd. They joked about having a bike versus ski race. It gained momentum and we thought, “We have to film this!” The next day we were out there.

How long did you work on it?

It took two hours to film and was edited in three hours. I think that’s the secret to it: have fun and keep it simple. We were all watching it at the pub that night.

The video above shows the making of the snow wall that Jason bicycled through in the video.

How many people were involved? Who are the athletes?

Jason Martin (Bike Park Coordinator) was the biker and Blair Hindle (Trail Crew) was the skier. Thomas Rees (Snowboard Instructor) picked up the camera and Paul Kenward (Events & Terrain Park Manager) operated the drone.

Total grassroots eh? No big budgets. How’s the response been?

We can’t believe it, it hasn’t even been a week and we’ve reached over 220,000 across our socials. It’s been awesome to see some other top bikers and enthusiasts love it as much as we do. I’s created a real buzz for opening day at SilverStar Bike Park.

What was a highlight of shooting?

Definitely Jason going through the snow wall. We had to share the behind-the-scenes footage with you guys.

Classic blooper reel above: Jason explodes through the snow wall then promptly smashes into the real wall.

Any drama?

None. But if you look closely during one of the shots just before Blair sprays Jason with snow, he is about to stack. The vid then cuts to another shot before we see the full fall. He got back up and did it all again.

How did you set up the shot where the skier busts through the snow wall?

Jason and Cameron Sorenson (Bike Park Manager) formed the wall by leaving the snow there, it was about 10 centimetres thick.

Is there going to be a part two? If so, what’ll it feature?

Absolutely. We’ll have it ready before our June 23rd Opening Day. We’re just going to have fun with it and then the rest becomes easy.