Sweetgrass Productions has just dropped the Shambhala 2018 Aftermovie and it’s killer. Watch it here.

Last year we interviewed Nick Waggoner of Sweetgrass Productions about his Emmy win as well as his experiences filming Shambhala, the electronic music festival that entices over 12,000 revellers from around the world to a farm near Salmo, British Columbia, every August.

Of his experiences at the event, Nick said, “I’ve learned a lot from shooting at Shambhala. For example, when we shot the ‘Shambhalovelies,’ we’d literally drive around the festival in a golf cart, scan the horizon, pull over and walk up to talk to someone we thought might be interesting. And sure enough they were interesting. The things they were saying totally related. They were all so genuine and real, every one of them!”

Nick and Sweetgrass Productions are at it again and have just dropped the Shambhala 2018 Aftermovie, which you can watch below.

The official YouTube channel for the Shambhala site as this to say about the video: “How would you explain Shambhala? Like gravity, year after year, the pulse of this inner city draws you ‘lovelies in from each corner of the globe to escape to a world that lies in stark contrast to your reality, wherever that may be. A world where you can roam wild, to connect to who you are truly are by stomping to your own beat. Here, we are reminded to get in touch with the natural world, in the realms of the new by immersing ourselves in an unparalleled experience of lights, visuals and sound. Relive The 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival with the Official 2018 Aftermovie. Reminisce dancing to a kaleidoscope of colours on a higher frequency, sharing a special moment in time with thousands of best friends you’ve never met, but felt like you’ve always known. At Shambhala, there are no boundaries – here is where you’re allowed the freedom to lose yourself, to find yourself.”

To see the Shambhala 2017 Aftermovie, visit our article, “An Interview With Emmy Award Winner Nick Waggoner.