Save the views. Save the wildlife. Save the water. And win! Cottonwood Contest strives to bring light to a popular area near Nelson, British Columbia, that needs to be saved from logging.

The Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society is trying to raise $180,000 by Aug 31, 2020 as a first milestone to purchase 49 hectares of mature forest above Cottonwood Lake, and save it from private land logging. The effects of which would be significant to the much-loved regional park near Nelson, BC. Not just for the views, but for wildlife, slope stability, and water quality.

Above: Cottonwood is one of the most popular skating areas near Nelson in the wintertime. Photo by Peter Moynes. Top: It’s also one of the most popular paddling areas in the summer and on this particular occasion, Nelson high-line athlete Mia Noblet was walking a line above the lake. Photo by Vince Hempsall.

To help in their cause, and in partnership with our good friends at Whitewater Ski Resort, we’re throwing a contest, our favourite kind, a photo contest! Here’s what you need to do to enter.

1) Take a photo of Cottonwood Lake—it’s got to be new, original, and current
2) Put it on your Instagram feed and tag @savecottonwood and hashtag #savecottonwood
3) Fill out the form on our contest page

And then cross your fingers! The coolest, most interesting, beautiful, story laden photos are what we’re looking for. But really, it’s about spreading the vibe of this incredible lake. We’ll announce the winners on August 18, 2020. First place, which will be chosen by our panel of judges, wins a 2020/2021 Season’s Pass at Whitewater Ski Resort. Second place wins a KMC Swag kit which includes a handmade wooden back issue crate, Spruce Tip ale T-shirt and an assortment of other goodies.

Good luck!

To donate to the #Savecottonwood campaign, or to find out more about what the good folks at the Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society are up to, visit

Above video by Carlo Alcos.