December having arrived with a thud, and winter seemingly underway throughout the Cascadian and Kootenay high country, we wanted to reach on out to everyone in KMC/CMC-land and share a little sumthin’ courtesy the good folks at Blizzard and Marker.

Last season, they were kind enough to send out a test pair of their new Zero G 108 skis, mounted with a set of Kingpin touring bindings. To put it simply, it’s the ultimate do-all combination.

We tested the Zero Gs from early November until mid May, on ice, rain crust, knee deep blower, the puggiest of pug, chop and even groomer and bumps with the kidlets. The skis were remarkably stable and swift, turning when and where you wanted them to and holding straight and steady when you had no other choice. They skied with the same power of the venerable Cochise, their predecessor, but are far nimbler in tight situation and light construction. In turn, on the up-track, the Zero G was as light as could be and carried itself with a near-perfect swing weight.

As for the Kingpins, aside from requiring a little bit of ski boot dexterity when clicking in, the bindings were sturdy on the up hill, easy to adjust for steeper climbs and rock solid on the way down — just like skiing an alpine binding, but with the weight and versatility of a tech set-up.

If you’re a slackcountry user who doesn’t want to fuss with two pairs of skis, this ski-binding combination might well be your final solution. We found it equally reliable inside the ropes as out.

Here’s a peek at what the season looked like last year, through the eyes of our trusty Hitcase units… and here’s to ’15/’16. See y’all out there. And tremendous thanks to Blizzard and Marker!