Karl the Gnarl of Nelson, BC. The man that keeps Retallack (and the Kootenays) so dang cool..

Red Bull Cold Rush has wrapped. After three days of major logistics, gnarly skiing and some serious partying, we have winners, we have unbelievable content and we have another notched in the legendary totem of Retallack Lodge. Full props go to the Retallack staff for smooth and safe travel in the mountains, unbelievable food and gregarious good humour that has you laughing and hugging and crying at every corner. Major kudos to the staff of Nelson, BC’s Freeride Entertainment and Rossland’s Juicy Studios. There’s nothing more exciting than going out into the mountains and watching the best freeskiers in the world do their thing, then come back to the lodge, have a bunch of glorious ales then watch it all on the big screen, with sweet graphic intros, great music and world class shots and editing only the mega talented crew at Freeride can produce. Of course, big, big ups to the athletes, who go forth and huck carcason over cliffs, down spines, into huge kickers, always with a smile on their face and a chuckle in their demeanor. And of course to Red Bull, the Austrian based drink manufacturer may put bull ball juice in a can and make billions, but man if they don’t give back to the sport of skiing by providing the funding to allow a truly progressive competition like this to take place. For it’s not every day you get to take 16 of the world’s best skiers, throw a $300,000 budget into the wild and wooly woods of the Kootenays and let them laugh and giggle their way down some of the funnest mountains on earth. That, good friends, is a glorious thing.  –Mitchell Scott

For all the Red Bull Cold Rush final results and associated photos, videos and video blogs made by Freeride and Juicy, go here. Check back for more detailed, behind the scenes reportings in the days to come.