Pro mountain bike and Rossland, BC native Mike Hopkins has created a film to celebrate our bros and sistas.

In celebration of National Siblings day, Mike Hopkins has created a film to celebrate our brothers and sisters. The pro mountain biker and Rossland, British Columbia native has teamed up with Scotty Carlson of Juicy Studios, cinematographer Derek Frankowski and Nelson-based narrator Graham Tracey to create a three-minute video for Diamondback Bikes to pay homage to our kin who’ve helped us become who we are.

“Through good times and bad, friendly competition and love, Hopkins captures a unique perspective of the sibling relationship through bikes, which fuel adventure, spark imagination and continually remind us of what is most important: we’re all family,” said a release from Diamondback that came out today.

“Our stories are all different, yet the same, and the names are endless: adventure buddy, co-pilot, copycat, tag-along, queen, king…the list is long but what it boils down to is simply brother or sister, or as I like to put it, best friend, worst enemy,” Hopkins said. “Childhood was like one giant experiment and being the younger sibling my fate as human guinea pig was sealed from the get go. But like dad always said, ‘every scar is one part story, and one part wisdom,” and by the age of ten, us kids could have filled a library. Over the years, we gained a lot of wisdom together, trying to best each other and take on the world. Through it all, we fuelled each other’s adventures, sparked imagination, had a few battles, but ultimately reminded ourselves what’s most important: family (and showing older bro who’s boss).”

“As a kid our ticket to freedom, was also our ticket to ride. And let’s be honest, nothing settles the fate of that last chocolate chip cookie like a super sonic pedal cranking race to the end of the street,” the release continued. “Because, like brothers, and sisters, bikes are awesome.”

The cast of the film, in order of appearance, include Aven and Skyler Hopkins, Rory, Reed, Ryland Johannson, Katien Simpson, Jamie and Hugo Ansede, Lola and Westin Carlson, Josie and Daylen Clayden, Cole and Grayson McCauley, Simon and Toby Hillis, Ollie, Tatum, and Heath Clement, Samara and Bodie Kuhn, Chase and Ryder Eagleton, Max Anhel, Ben Kroeker, Logan and Kian Merringer, Trevor McCauley, Kari Kuznecov, Gavin Gauvin, Joe and Mike Hopkins, Cal Dueck, and Norm Hopkins.

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