This came in from a reader in Whitefish, Montana. A doctor who’s really concerned I have mutated feet. And no, thankfully, these toes are not mine. However, mine, as you can read in this story, might be equally as bad. Thanks for the letter Doug.

Hi Mitchell,
Great Mag. I pick it up at The White Room, Whitefish, Montana. Who couldn’t relate to your backside notes on the terrible toes. In your case, however, you should consider yourself quite fortunate. Based on the number of metatarsals in your feet you should have a sixth toe on each side. Just one more source of the agony of de feet, which you somehow avoided. Your are living proof that genetic drift followed by natural selection works in strange ways as your line of homo sapiens has evolved from 12 little bastards, twelve sentries of change to ten. I can’t believe that you don’t know this already…you lucky man.
Doug Pitman M.D.
Whitefish, MT
P.S. Try applying a strong anti-perspirant to the soles of your feet daily and you may find the cure for your sweaty buckets.  Are those really your feet?