Here’s some great feedback from a longtime reader. Sure, she’s part of the family (our Managing Editor’s Grandmother), but if there’s one truism in the world, it’s the wisdom (and truthfulness) of our respected elders.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your magazine arrived this moring.  What a magazine!  A magazine of the future!  As I read from back to front, I absolutely loved the article on the last page by Mitchell Scott. A unique perspective, new views of old subjects, no tired cliches.  The ads are original and send their message directly – no wondering what they are advertising and the pictures are spot on.  Amanda Follet is an exceptional wordsmith with a view of the future unihibited by current educational putowns of original  and explosive daydreams. Unfortunately, at 89 years of age, my old-fashioned education does not qualify me to be a proper judge of today’s magazines but, to me, this magazine is an arrow leading to the future as much as the launch of a space shuttle.  Best of luck with the Coast Mountain Culture magazine!!”

-Marjorie “Nan” Chisholm, Saint John New Brunswick