We got tired of people asking for the shirts off our backs and the hats of our noggins. So we opened an online store. If you like it, we’ll throw more stuff onto it. If you don’t…we’re still not giving you the shirts off our backs.

Last summer our Managing Editor Vince Hempsall attended the Arctery’x Climbing Academy in Squamish, British Columbia and hung out at the outdoor marketplace area with other sponsors. At one point he set up under the Climbers Access Society of BC tent and offered up some KMC & CMC trucker hats, illustrated by Shawn “Maddog” Morris. The response was instantaneous! Two women started arguing about who deserved a hat more and then it turned into a bidding war. They both went away happy in the end but it got us to thinking, why don’t we offer these things all the time instead of just giving them away at events?


Kootenay Mountain Culture and Coast Mountain Culture back issues have always been available for purchase but this is the first time KMC & CMC apparel has found its way onto the auction block. Normally we reserve them for giveaways at such events as Kootenay Coldsmoke Powder Festival and the Squamish Climbing Academy but no longer do you have to wait and get lucky! The Mountain Culture Group online store is currently offering a small selection of hats and T-shirts to gauge interest. Such as the popular “Big Orange Bridge” (seen above) and the awesome “Come Get Some” (below) both illustrated by long-time KMC contributor and artist Scott Dickson.

If people like ’em, we’ll put up more varieties. And, as always you can find a selection of back issues of both KMC and CMC to order on the Mountain Culture Group online store. If you don’t see the issue you’re looking for, drop us a line at info@kootenaymountainculture.com, let us know what issue you want and we’ll hunt around in our garage to find it. We’ve heard back from a few people regarding the shipping costs of the magazines and the fact is they’re so awesome and thick, Canada Post considers them small packages versus envelopes. Therefore the higher cost of shipping. But hey, it’s worth it to round out your collection of rad, right?

Stop fighting over freebies. Log on to the Mountain Culture Group online store today and get some: kootenaymountainculture.com/shop.