Markus Eder’s “The Ultimate Run – The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined” levels up the genre that started with JP Auclair skiing the streets of Trail, British Columbia.

JP Auclair was the first to stomp it in the Sherpas Cinema classic “All I Can,” filmed in Trail and other cities in the West Kootenay and released in 2011. Then Tom Wallisch and Auclair doubled-down in the urban ski segment from 2013’s “Into The Mind,” also by the Whistler-based cinema house. And the third instalment of street skiing happened in 2018 with the release of “Imagination,” a free-skiing jaunt through Nelson and Ymir, done by the Sherpas for The North Face.

Now Red Bull has levelled up the genre with Markus Eder’s “The Ultimate Run – The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined.” In this 10-minute flick, the 30-year-old Italian athlete shreds massive powder turns in Zermatt, Switzerland and slices his way down a sheer ice face before disappearing into a cave. He reappears above his home resort of Klausberg, Italy to hit the snowpark with his buddies and then we find him entering the snow-covered architecture of Taufers Castle where the real urban freeskiing begins.

Eder says he’s been visualizing this ultimate run since 2015 and it took the last two years to create this short. It was filmed by Innsbruck-based production company Legs of Steel over 90 days and the company’s Tobi Reindl says, “The Ultimate Run is Markus’ dream project and it also became one of the biggest and most thrilling projects we have done so far.”

This is being billed as Eder’s Magnum Opus with its medley of big mountain backcountry, on-hill antics, and urban skiing. “All aspects of freeskiing have fascinated me since the beginning,” Eder says. He can thank JP Auclair and the West Kootenay region for kicking it all off a decade ago.