KMC 28 – The Holy Issue

October 26, 2015

Holy ____!

Here we sit at the steps of KMC ’s Holy Issue. Don’t feel this might be preachy. Most devout, virtuous reader, we’re not assuming this particular magazine is in any way righteous or sacred. Sure, it may inspire you to acts of biblical proportion. Or, quite simply, it might just have you saying, “Holy crap.”

As you work your way through the next 40,000 words, we’d like to think you’ll roll between both extremes — the revered and the expletive — ending somewhere in the multitudinous middle. The idea of “holy” is simple to some and complex to others. We give admiration, but we question. We love and adore, but we also fight with contempt and contradiction. Nature is sinless and pure, but we still take from it. Love for thy neighbour turns to loath when they rave until six in the morning.

Whether it’s a fallen brother, winter pilgrimages, the peaks that inspire or protecting our wild spaces, if you finish reading and think, “Holy cow” or “That was holier than thou,” we hope to have at least stirred something in your own hallowed and venerated spiritual self. Enjoy Issue 28.

— Mitchell Scott, editor-in-chief

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