After seeing this classic CBC News footage from 1985 (see vid below) about “smart aleck” snowboarders vs. ski bums, we can’t help but look at the three North America hills that still ban those pesky boarders.

KMC cover 28 300rgbSkiers vs. snowboarders. The Beatles vs. the Stones. Batman vs. Superman. Classic rivalries yes, but you gotta admit all are awesome in their own way. That said, it’s fun to pit skiers against snowboarders sometimes. For example, we caused a bit of a stir with the cover of last year’s Kootenay Mountain Culture magazine in which we compared snowboarders to “infidels.” It was done in fun of course but there were those out there who took umbrage to the comparison and who claimed we were being divisive. (Being snowboarders, they didn’t use such big words.)

Well at least we didn’t call ’em dangerous!

In this CBC news story from the mid-eighties we are treated to some amazing fashion, bitchin’ moustaches and skiers dissing snowboarders. One operator proclaims, “We try and keep them separated but the snowboards come down the slopes…and they’ll lip us off and they’re dangerous because if one of these skateboards or ski-boards or whatever they’re called hit a person they’d break their leg. Most of ’em have no brakes on ’em. So nobody is allowing them on any mountains.”

That was over 31 years ago and everyone is allowing snowboarders on mountains now. Except for three resorts. These are the holdouts around North America where snowboarding is still banned:

Deer Valley, Utah

snowboarding-stickerThis hoity toity resort bills itself as the most luxurious in all of North America. Donald Trump probably skis there…sorry…snowplows there. Management claims its guests don’t want to have to see snowboarders in their periphery because they’re grubby and, to quote the ski operator above, “they’re dangerous!” Interestingly, a visitor to Deer Valley ski resort can carry a gun in plain view. Just not a snowboard.

Mad River Glen, Vermont

A weird little ancient resort in the heart of the Green Mountains with the ironic slogan “Ski it if you can.” Well, if you’re a snowboarder, you can’t. Access to the summit is via a single-chair (yes, they still exist) and the resort claims snowboarders can’t offload it easily. Evidently owner Betsy Pratt hasn’t seen Travis Rice offload the s*** outta Red Bull Supernatural.

Alta, Utah

morman-underwearYet another hill in Utah that doesn’t allow snowboards. Interestingly Alta offers joint day passes for neighbouring Snowbird where boarders are allowed but only skiers can buy them. If this sounds like Alta’s milking a marketing scheme, it is. Perhaps they should join the 21st century and allow snowboarders provided they wear magic mormon underwear?