That time of year is finally upon us. Snow is starting to pile up in the hills just as issues of Kootenay Mountain Culture and Coast Mountain Culture Magazines are starting to show up at a fine retailer, coffee shop, resort, or backcountry operator near you. In this, the 30th Issue of KMC, and the 11th Issue of CMC, we explore the nuance of Temptation. That’s right, the stuff you so badly want to do but kind of know you shouldn’t…or, depending on your constitution, the other way around. No matter, in both magazines we present an eclectic mix of stories: from our first ever Backcountry Hut Guide, to eco sex retreats, mountain burlesque to nut job sailing races. Amazing design, provocative photography and insightful writing, it’s all here. For free no doubt. How could you say no?

The magazines are currently on the road and have already started showing up at some of our more prominent distribution nodes throughout the region (Cruise KMC outlets HERE, CMC outlets HERE). If you haven’t seen any yet, please be patient, it takes us a couple of weeks to get them all out there. And of course, if you live way off in the boonies, or miss the rush (the magazines go real fast), buy a subscription (KMC / CMC) and we’ll mail one right to your front door.