Rossland shredder and filmmaker Colston VB launches his new, beautifully edited and action-packed edit, “Blackout.” “The crash in the middle was a season-ender; I tore my MCL,” explains Colston. “The story of the edit is very true to the event: I crashed, hit my chin on my knee, was fine for a second or two, told the crew I was all good, and then I passed out for about twenty seconds. While I was out, I thought I was in my bed at home dreaming of skiing sick lines. When I woke up I was really freaked out [when I realized] that I was actually in the mountains. The title, Blackout, is not only related to the black and white part of the video, but also to me actually passing out during the fall. [We also] wanted to subconsciously show the polarity of living in a less than ideal environment and laying everything on the line to ski, which was all worth it when I got to fly around in Alaska and ski my dream lines.”