Goggles are goggles, right? Sometimes I feel this way. As long as they don’t fog, and I look good in them, then why do I care about all the fancy faux technologies released from the plethora of eyewear companies each year? Well, the truth is, I rarely do care. However this year, Salomon has piqued my curiosity with the Xtend goggle. The goggle game has changed.

Claiming a 24% larger field of vision, Salomon has released a behemoth lens that allows you to see more. Does it work? Simply put, yes. Skiing with the Xtend is noticeably different. You see more. They fog less. And yes, they look good. The lineup of goggles has some pretty slick looking units, including the Jay-Z-inspired, murdered out, black-on-black-on-black version that has me pretty excited.

While Salomon isn’t the only company with the oversized trend on the go, they’ve made a big impact by embracing it in their first ever goggle design, which they developed completely from scratch. Next time you’re testing the 3,000,000 goggle brands and models to choose from, throw the Xtend into the mix. Once you put them on, you just may not take them off. See more at Salomon.com.


And while my opinion might not matter much, the Godfather’s does. Mike Douglas has his say about the Xtend: