The trailer drops today for the new ski movie Winterland by Teton Gravity Research, which celebrates ski and snowboard culture around the world.

Teton Gravity Research has dropped the trailer to its annual ski and snowboard film today. Called “Winterland,” the movie is the 24th film by the award-winning production company and it will make its world premiere on September 14 in Teton Village, Wyoming, followed by an international tour.

At its core, “Winterland” is a celebration of ski and snowboard culture and TGR filmmakers collaborated with 23 of the world’s most accomplished freeskiers and snowboarders to make the film, showcasing some of the most thrilling and extreme footage captured by the company in its 22 years of production.

The film also celebrates the athletes’ connection to the roots of skiing and snowboarding, while showcasing the pure joy and adventure associated with these sports. By exploring the history, places, and people in the world of skiing and snowboarding, filmgoers will learn how intimately connected the athletes are with those who came before.

In the above photo we see skier Griffin Post at Jackson Hole and in the top photo is Kai Jones. Both pics by Nic Alegre.

“I think everyone can relate to ‘Winterland’ because even though it’s not one specific place, it’s more of a state of mind,” said Jon Klaczkiewicz, the head of production at TGR. “Beyond showcasing the incredible action our athletes continue to astound us with, “Winterland” really embodies the magic that all skiers and snowboarders feel when they find themselves in the right place at the right time when everything comes together. The experience is shaped by the lore and legends of a place, fleeting moments of epic conditions, and the unique style of the individual. Really excited to share this one!”

The TGR production crew filmed athletes in seven different international locations during the making of “Winterland” including segments on the remote Lofoten Islands in Norway as well as deep in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. The film also visits some of the world’s most breathtaking and challenging terrain in Austria, British Columbia and Jackson Hole, Wyo., showcasing elite athletes as they leave their own mark on these fabled locations and chase the ghosts of the greats who came before them.