While each continent has its highest peak, it also holds the people who live under those peaks. Those who look up to see rocky outcrops and jagged glaciers every day.What are these people like? How have mountains influenced their way of life? In order to get a glimpse of these cultures and their unique relationships with mountain environments, we’ve asked our contributors – writers and photographers with BC roots – to tell us their tales of interaction and exploration from each of the world’s seven continents. The skiers, climbers, wanderers and explorers who, by virtue of their exploits, have experienced intimate encounters with mountain cultures from around the world. Take a read as KMC travels to Seven Summit, Seven Stories.

Seven Summits, Winter 06/07 pdf Winds of Change , Winter 06/07 pdf
Built on Breath, Winter 06/07 pdf Dropping Into the Dad, Winter 06/07 pdf
Julius Strauss, Winter 06/07 pdf Touching the Void, Winter 06/07 pdf
A Frosty Pigeon, Winter 06/07 pdf