It’s that time of year when gloves matter more. Spring can wreak havoc on your fingers, making it damn hard to hold on during those sketchy spring descents. I’m not sure if it happens to everyone, but frigid, wet weather makes my hands cramp up and I get scared when I can’t brake or hold onto like I should be able to. The Dakine 12W seemed like the answer to my problems. I’ve used Dakine gloves for many years and am used to their summertime offerings. This spring (winter?) glove had no problem keeping my hands toasty during recent rides through the quickly-fading snows of Whistler. Through heavy rains and deep mud, my hands never got cold despite my numb calves and freezing toes. In fact, these gloves almost kept them too warm. Now, I run hotter than most but I was surprised. And while these babies didn’t keep my hands entirely dry, the added warmth and Windstopper material made for a more comfortable, safer ride…squeaky, wet brakes and all. – Mike Berard 

From the Dakine website:

  • Windstopper® 340g soft shell / 280g fleece
  • Clarino® Synthetic Suede palm patch
  • Kevlar thread palm stitching
  • Neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure