Dads get a bad rap. Have a look at the mainstream media these days and all you see are Homers or Escobars. Which is why this latest video is so refreshing: Kamloops-based pro mountain biker Matt Hunter and his son Robbie go for a ride and hang out in the backcountry. No loveable dolts or sociopaths. Just a dad, his kid and some bikes. Perfect.

Fair warning: this video is going to affect you. But not the way a typical bike film might because there isn’t a lot of ra-ra, insert-grinding-power-chords-here, stoke. In fact, there’s only one clip of Matt hucking large and his son shouts, “Nice one Dad!” Yeah. You’re already feeling it aren’t you bike dads? Just like Matt you can’t think of anything better than being out in the fresh air doing something you love with someone you love. (Not a member of the exclusive bike dads club? You’re gonna want to be after seeing this.)

Matt’s latest video is a far cry from his previous offerings, who, at the age of 33 has offered up his fair share of stoke ever since he won the Ultimate Freeride Challenge in 2003. As a pro rider on the Specialized team he’s given the world incredible performances in such films as “Follow Me” and “Seasons” and, in one memorable clip, corners his 29er so low he leaves a groove in the dirt with his handlebar!

There isn’t any low-cornering in this film. (Although if anyone could do it on a kid’s run bike it would be Robbie.) Instead we see mellow trails, deer and, at one point, Matt casts a fishing rod. What’s fishing have to do with biking? Bike dads can tell you.

Now all we need is a similar flick celebrating all you bike moms out there.