The North Face has teamed up with global gyms to celebrate Global Climbing Day on August 24 as part of “Walls Are Meant For Climbing.”

California-based outdoor recreation product company The North Face has partnered with climbing gyms around the world to celebrate Global Climbing Day on August 24. In a recent statement the company said, “Since 1966, we have viewed walls not as obstacles, but as opportunities. From the big walls of Yosemite to the high peaks of the Himalayas, we were searching for a personal kind of freedom. In this pursuit, we found a community – strengthened by different stories, experiences and perspectives. This community has shown us that the only way forward is together. We believe in a world that is united by difference, bound by empathy and strengthened by understanding.” The overall intent of the day’s campaign is to provide inclusive climbing opportunities and lower barriers to entry.

Every affiliated gyms will offer a unique experience to climbers on that day, from barbecues and DJs to competitions and prizes. In Canada there are 15 gyms participating including Project Climbing Centre in Vancouver and the Calgary Climbing Centre in Alberta.

Other gyms in the Pacific Northwest that are participating include:

Washington State

Everrett Summit
Bainbridge Island Rock Gym
Lacey Cirque Climbing
Seattle Momentum Indoor Climbing
Spokane Wild Walls Climbing Gym


Bend Rock Gym
Planet Granite in Portland
Portland Rock Gym
The Circuit Bouldering Gym in Portland


Garden City Asana Climbing Gym


Great Falls The Hi-Line Climbing Center

For more about Global Climbing Day and to sign up for events at particpiating gyms, visit: