CMC writer Arno Kopecky has a new book on the horizon. The Devil’s Curve is a travelogue with a conflicting twists. From the D&M website:

“In June 2009, 60 soldiers slipped into the thorn-covered bush above Devil’s Curve, a notorious bend in the two-lane highway connecting Peru’s northern Amazon to the outside world. The soldiers had orders to dislodge the 3,000 Awajun natives who had been camped at Devil’s Curve for the past 57 days. The subsequent clash was deadly.

This blockade formed a crucial link in a series of protests that had shut down transport and industry across the entire Peruvian Amazon — the third-largest tract of rainforest on earth, covering more than half the country. At issue was the lease of three-quarters of the jungle to foreign oil and mining interests over the previous decade. The Devil’s Curve untangles the story behind the deadly stand of the Awajun people — and the Canadian gold mine that provoked their drastic action.”

We’ll be reviewing it. For now, check the trailer above for the goods. – Mike Berard