It just so happens that about six months ago, I rode my bike to the base of the glacier that once covered the volcano that’s currently erupting in Iceland. I was there with Kona Cadabra ripper Joe Schwartz and photographer Sterling Lorence, doing a story for Bike Magazine. It was a fairly strange day. We thoroughly pissed off this German dude hanging in a little camper truck. We were making too much noise apparently. He drove off all mad. Then, as we were riding the 3kms or so from the parking lot to the toe of the glacier, on our way to touch 20,000 year old frozen water, we watch a search and rescue helicopter land on the other side of the lake and pluck a hiker who’d fallen and donged their noggen. Then Joe did this crazy shaman ritual thing calling for the fire gods to blow forth their heated guts. (Not quite so forthright). But here’s proof we were right there, a before and after. The big blue ice that silhouettes Regular Joe so nicely in the bottom image is gone like Donkey Kong. It’s been replaced by the big grey wash of the first, taken from a very similar position. Anyway, nice to touch you glacier. And sorry, mister Volcano, that you’re so upset.