For Craig Moore, the last decade has been a little up and down. One hundred and twenty six straight months of ski touring will do that.

On August 3, 2017, Craig Moore woke up before dawn to ski in Montana’s Glacier National Park in the rain. The Whitefish-based photographer cut a few turns near Logan Pass and called it at 9 a.m. when his edges were caked in sap. Worth it? The jury’s skeptical. But two months later, thanks in part to that August trip, he hit the decade mark on a personal odyssey.

Craig Moore is also a photographer and this is just one of the pics he took while skiing every month for the past 10 years. He is doing an Instagram Takeover of KMC this week.

During the past 10 years, Moore has skied at least once a month within 100 miles of Whitefish, whether in Glacier Park or the Whitefish, Swan, and Mission Ranges. “Why am I doing this? I still question myself,” he says. He’s joked he wishes he could hold someone else responsible for the demise of his kneecaps, but he says he only has himself to blame.

This all came about in the summer of 2008, after an unusually good snow season, when Moore realized he could ski for a year straight without much difficulty. First, he wondered, “Can I do it?” Then came, “Can I do it again?” The first official objective was 100 months. Now, he says, “It’s, like, why stop?”

He knows he’s created a Sisyphean monster, because he can’t travel far from Whitefish for an extended period of time. Plus he’s beholden to many a “formality ski,” when the snow is unspeakably bad. That said, he’s gained a summer ski season, a unique reserve of local beta and an appreciation for chairlifts. Not to mention, a real respect for winter powder days.