In this latest ski vid by Danny Leblanc, featuring Dave Crerar and Tom Harding, it’s obvious Fairy Meadows is otherworldly.

Located in the Adamant Group of British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains, Fairy Meadows is a skier’s paradise. Jagged peaks fall into wide open runs that deliver you on the doorstop of one of the Alpine Club of Canada’s best abodes: the Bill Putnam Hut, named for the person who oversaw its construction back in 1965. The hut has seen extensive renovations over the years and is now a two-storey building with sleeping space for 20. Plus a sauna.

Last Spring, North Face ambassadors Dave Crerar and Tom Harding visited the hut and were filmed shredding some of the steepest nearby lines by Danny Leblanc. We caught up with Dave and Danny to find out more about their trip and the making of the video.

Fairy Meadows is an iconic spot. What made you decide to visit?

Dave: I’ve always known the terrain north of golden has been awesome. Tom and I have been going on spring trips for the last few year and the opportunity came up to visit Fairy Meadows through their alliance with The North Face. We have usually base camped for our spring trips so this was a serious comfort level upgrade.

What’s your favourite part about that area of the Adamants?

Dave: It’s like the edge of the tectonic plates exploded out of the ground in an epic battle of the ages. The terrain is both intimidating and enthralling. It’s like taking a step back in time to ages lost to history.

What’s the name of the line that drops from that keyhole feature?

Danny: I don’t know but it was awesome. I would name it the V spot.

What did you use to do the shoot?

Danny: A DJI Mavic Pro and Canon 80d

Best part of the trip?

Dave: I always love getting away from the constant hustle that our connectivity centric lifestyles create. It’s amazing to get away and get amongst nature in its entirety. Obviously having back yard access to these incredible mountains is also a plus.

Any funny stories to share from it?

Dave: Our trip had some super warm afternoons. Our hut companions took to making a party pit out back where we would race inflatables down the practice slopes. That made for an awesome welcome home after some long days out achieving our objectives.