This summer construction will begin on the longest alpine water slide in the world in Rossland, BC. Honest.

The West Kootenays will have a new alpine pastime in two years. This summer construction will commence on the longest alpine water slide in the world in Rossland, British Columbia. The water attraction will boast two waterslide tracks designed to look like they were cut into the mountain itself and will send sliders 3.8 kilometres down Mount Roberts into a splash pool on the grounds of the Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre.  It will have an elevation of 984 meters and is expected to send riders down at a top speed of 73 kilometres per hour! The price tag for this alpine water feature is $53.7 million over the next two years.

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A bike-friendly gondola will also be installed and will take passengers to the top of the mountain where they’ll find the start to the slide and a unique cantilevered restaurant. “We are so excited that we are able to bring a new tourism product to Rossland,” says Andras Lukacs of Tourism Rossland. “Thanks to the Resort Municipality Initiative fund, we should be able to pay for the entire project and not have to dig into tax payers pockets to make this happen…we hope.” Another person close to the project who wished to remain anonymous asked, “Wait, what date was this press release issued again? April 1st?”

For years, the city of Rossland has been best known for RED Mountain ski resort and a portfolio of winter experiences including Canada’s longest-running neighbourhood bobsled event. However, summer activities were limited to mountain biking and golfing at Redstone Resort.

City councillor, Janice Nightingale is also excited to get this project started. “Too often we let safety concerns, environmental groups and and red tape get in the way of innovation! Four out of six city councillors voted in favour of this project, and I look forward to all of the jobs this project will create in both the construction and operational phases.”

The project is estimated to create 1,184 new full-time job opportunities with forecasts placing projected visitation numbers at over one million annually.