When you need dry, light and durable in the river

When it’s too cold to wet wade, yet too warm for the full protection of chest waders, Redington has developed the ideal wader: the Redington SonicDry Pant.

Light and Durable
These waders are incredibly light and easily compressed into the tiny mesh bag provided, or if worn to the river, they are comfortable and durable for bushwhacking. Instead of traditional sewing, which puts waders at risk of tears and snags, Redington uses sonic seam welding, which bonds seams through sound technology, highly reducing any chance of leaks.

redingtons 3

I was impressed with the SonicDry Pant design: it provides the comfortable fit of boot-cut pants, as opposed to heavy waders where excess material sloshes and drags in water. Redington uses adjustable dual-Velcro neoprene waist closures for a tight fit around the waist. I found this replaces the need for an additional external wader belt that I’ve worn with full chest waders. As well, adjustable suspenders can be easily removed, and the pant still has sufficient support. Some waders tighten around the knee while you bend, yet the SonicDry Pant has an articulated knee design that lets you move easily.

Fast Dry
The SonicDry Pant features Surgeshell waterproof/breathable fabric, and 37.5™ technology that helps capture and release moisture, drying up to five times faster than similar fabrics. I was impressed how quickly the water beads and evaporates on shore, reducing the wet cling that occurs with heavier fabrics.

Other Features
• A mesh gravel guard with lace hook prevents pebbles and sand from entering the boots.
• High-density 3mm neoprene booties with ergonomic fit keep feet warm and dry.
• Flip-out front pocket, with a zippered pouch and stretch-mesh tippet pocket, allows space for accessories or a small fly box.

The only objection I have with the SonicDry Pant is I am used to pushing the limits of a river, wading into its deepest channels. I had to break that habit, remaining a foot shallower than I would in chest waders. That’s possibly not such a bad thing…


The Redington SonicDry Pant provides rugged, waterproof performance in the comfort of a light pair of pants. These waders are ideal for conditions when the weather may be good, but the river is still too cold to wet wade. I’ll be wearing these pants in the shoulder seasons of spring and well into fall. The price of $279 makes them a solid value, compared to some of the more expensive premium wader pants.

For more information, check out Redington’s website: redington.com/fly-fishing-waders/