From the high Alps of the Tour de France to the rugged backcountry of the Selkirks, Anthill Films’ chronicles Svein Tuft’s journey from retirement to rediscovery.

The bicycle, and all the places it takes people, never ceases to amaze. In Anthill Films‘ recently released short film, “The Path Less Paved,” we are treated to an inspiring glimpse into Svein Tuft’s journey from a distinguished career in professional road racing to the untamed backroads of the Kootenays. Motivated by the wanderlust of his childhood, Tuft seeks a simpler existence away from the pressures of high-stakes racing, embracing a newfound sense of normalcy. From family outings to epic journeys in the Canadian Rockies, Tuft discovers inspiration in two-wheeled adventures, navigating the less-traveled paths.

For Tuft, the return to the fundamentals reignites the joy he once experienced in cycling. Through his project, “The Path Less Paved,” we also get a glimpse of the burgeoning new discipline of bikepacking. Essentially, burly road bikes, like those made by Vancouver-based company Landyachtz, featuring oversized tires and creative pack mount configurations to carry food and camping gear for multi-day trips. No surprise, the Kootenays happen to be a gravel road bike packing paradise, which Tuft has explored extensively. Take a ride with Tuft in this beautiful video as he encounters a perfect blend of singletrack paths, challenging hike-a-bike sections, and awe-inspiring mountain ascents.

To go for a ride with Tuft, or listen to his podcast, check out his website:

Photos by Bruno Long.