After last year’s sell-out show, Kootenay Mountain Culture magazine has decided to do another booty call. The Backyard Booty variety show returns to the Capital Theatre in Nelson December 13th, 2019.

Yes folks, KMC’s booty call is back by popular demand. Prepare for a night of epic tomfoolery at Nelson’s Capitol Theatre that’ll include laughs, visual stimuli, more laughs and some great prizes. The Backyard Booty variety show returns on Thursday, December 13th and tickets are on sale now.

It was 16 years ago when we started the Booty because we wanted to showcase some of the incredible local talent in our owny backyard at a fun, live event. Back then the internet was barely a thing, so the content included a lot of video but as the Net took off, films could be seen from the comfort of your armchair. We decided to take a hiatus about five years ago but soon we were inundated with requests to bring the Booty back because people were missing the comedy, the competitions, the slideshows, and, generally the stoke they got being in a room full of besties as the ski season kicks into gear.

You ready for some more Backyard Booty shenanigans? You know the kind. Like when Slava Doval, Adrian Wagner and the entire sell-out crowd join forces to create one of the most amazing light-movement photos you’ve ever seen. Top feature photo by Adrian Wagner.

So this year we’re featuring some awesome old-school photo slideshows alongside live entertainment that will include comedy, spoken word, dance and, of course, the ever-popular contest giveaways. Presenters include:

    • CK9 Studios including Simon Shave and Clayton Mitchell
    • Ryan Flett
    • The Sherpas Cinema
    • Spoken Word by Lisel Forst
    • Slava Doval
    • Music by Chimp It
    • Bede comedy club
    • Ralphie
    • Juicy Studios
    • Kari Medig
    • Ashley Voykin

And of course, comedian and editor-in-chief Mitchell Scott will be MCing the whole thing. In other words, prepare to laugh your ass off. Oh, and prepare to drink too – we’re going to try and again break the record for most beer consumed in one evening at the Capitol Theatre. Boom!

Tickets are available now at the Capitol Theatre box office or you can purchase them online. Be sure to get ’em fast ’cause this thing always sells out. Doors open at 7pm on December 13th and show starts at 8pm.

See you for the booty call!