A small, grassroots event held on a frozen lake near Montreal, Quebec is capturing the imaginations of pro dirt bikers across Canada. Here’s a report from the Husqvarna Ice Rip – including pics and videos – that prove the event is as core as it gets.

The Husqvarna Ice Rip is a small annual event held near Montreal, Quebec during which pro and amateur dirt bikers alike get together for a day of revelry. They take turns hooning around a frozen lake on motorbikes specially designed for the slippery conditions, eat French Canadian delicacies like poutine, get towed on skis and toboggans and basically have a ridiculously fun day.

This month about 50 individuals from diverse backgrounds descended on Canada’s second largest city and were shuttled to frozen and snowy environs where they could pop wheelies on dirt bikes, get lessons from the pros and mow down on culinary delights. There were professional surfers, motorcycle racers, Mount Everest climbers, coffee shop owners and some people who are simply passionate about the community. There was even a crew from Daily Vice news who had never ridden motorbikes before so some had their first lessons while others chose to get whipped around via tow ropes while wearing skates.

Everyone shared a similar goal – to get outside in the dead of winter and have some fun and embrace the Canadian and Quebec culture whether it be on two wheels or not. There were endless poutine dishes and beaver tails supplied by a local Montreal food truck, taffy rolls from the maple syrup maker, and hot specialty coffees from a local café that was serving on-site. After hours beers were swilled, weenies were roasted and, in true Quebec fashion, locals brought out their favourite charcuterie boards.

The above film was shot by Andrew Szeto and it perfectly captures the grassroots Ice Rip. Enjoy it now because this celebration day is so core, everyone’s going to want to get in on it some day.