KMC 33 – The Happy Issue

May 30, 2018

EVERYTHING WORTH SMILING FOR — Catching a fish on the fly. Beautiful double rainbows. Diamonds on the water. Children laughing. God beams. Riding your bike fast. Riding your horse slowly. Riding your whatever, however. When the sound system pounds. Dancing deep into the night. New love. Old love. Running into friends in unexpected places. Free beer. Cold beer. Good beer. Copious amounts of free beer. Scoring goals of any kind. Watching your kid score. Perfect lake ice. Laughing hysterically. Huge, heartfelt hugs. Seeing your favourite band at the coolest venue. Deep, light, uncrowded powder. Larch needles on singletrack. Hot, sunny crags. A big stack of weathered magazines. Meditating. Hammocks. Meditating in hammocks. Rock-star parking. Sunsets. Bagging a peak. Wicked coffee. Sleeping in. Birds chirping. Your loyal dog. Flowers. Sunshine for days.
Enjoy the Happy Issue. — Mitchell Scott, Editor-in-chief

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