KMC 31 – The Lost Issue

May 14, 2017

Where is North America’s highest peak? What’s the first element on the periodic table? Who does Kermit the Frog’s voice? When we say, “My memory isn’t what it used to be,” we would be right. Over time, humans have lost the ability to retain information on a variety of topics, but our predecessors memorized as a way of life.

Often the beauty of losing something is finding it again. Our brains are capable of the same incredible feats from long ago; we just haven’t practiced in a while. Our Summer 2017 Lost Issue is challenging you to retain some facts, faces, figures and events of mountain culture. Maybe you’ll form some bizarre images that cement these stories in your head, and we hope you’ll pass these tales onto others in a revival of expanded collective memory.

Enjoy issue #31.

– Tara Cunningham, Senior Editor

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