We received a letter to the editor from K. H. who was surprised by advertisements in the latest Kootenay Mountain Culture.

In Kootenay Mountain Culture magazine’s Fringe Issue, an article ran about Ken Achenbach and the birth of snowboarding in Canada. Within that story appeared a double-page spread bookended by ads for Esprit de la Femme Lingerie in Nelson, British Columbia. Reader K.H. had something to say about them.

K. H. writes:

Hey folks, I love KMC. I look forward to every new issue. But I was surprised by the last one. After reading an inspiring article about “Nadine and the Machine” and her success navigating a male-dominated sport driven by “mainstream imagery of women leaning on pink gear, bleached-blond hair and bikinis” I turned the pages only to see advertising for lingerie with two young women posing seductively in their underwear. (One who forgot to remove her high heels pool-side and the other who could eat a few more power bars.) I wasn’t expecting this type of ad in a magazine which is “focused wholly on mountain culture.” I’m all for small business, successful local women entrepreneurs and female sexuality. I guess I’m just confused by the mixed messaging. Thanks.

KMC responds:

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