A movement that uses creativity and connection to inspire collective learning, powerful relationships, innovative solutions, and ultimately, positive action.


In the face of great adversity, there will always be those who find a way. The beauty of complex problems is their ability to inspire ingenious solutions. The power of positivity, collective action and community collaboration lights the way to a brighter future. To be resilient, we need to come together. And we need to do it in a bio-regional setting. In order to make the world a better place, we need to start in our own backyard.

The intention of the Kootenay Resilience Festival is to provide the framework for that ideation and connection. To create an environment where artists, experts, business leaders, and community members can share information and ideas focused on bettering the core pillars of community well-being: housing, food, energy, transportation, and technology. We use the magic, allure and beauty of the arts as a catalyst for collaboration.


Our intention is to kick-off the festival in Kaslo, BC with four separate events over four months in the summer of 2024. The first year is designed to start off slow, to create and hold space for idea sharing on how this festival might grow and best serve our community. We need to be a little uncomfortable as we open up the conversation on how to make the Kootenays more resilient in the face of today and tomorrow’s existential challenges. Over time, as the format for the festival takes shape, both in real time and online, our vision is to see the festival spread throughout the Kootenays, bringing together ideas, organizations, businesses, thought leaders, and creatives. Because as we well know, here in the Kootenays especially, creative expression is the fabric that weaves it all together.


The resilience festival movement is nothing new. In fact, in recent years the format is starting to sweep across the globe. Why? Because it works. Within a region like the Kootenays there are literally thousands of individuals, non-profits, businesses and government agencies working to solve some of our more existential problems. 

But within all that good work is a discrepancy, duplication of work, and lack of collaboration. Resilience festivals are about attracting like-minded individuals and groups, who share common goals into a space where critical and creative discourse flows naturally.

“By having each festival take on a distinct focus, we’re able to direct conversation deeper into issues like housing, food security and technology,” says Jean-Marc LaFlamme, co-creator of the festival. “By inviting guest speakers, experts, and thought leaders from within the Kootenays and beyond, each making positive strides within their own field, festival attendees will leave with new ideas, connections, and inspirations. It’s how we turn the needle.”


The format is simple, and one Kootenay residents have shown support for over the years–great music, art, dance, and food. But for the Kootenay Resilience Festival we add a distinct purpose to each event. We are building a storytelling platform that accelerates change by sharing good news and meaningful advancements driven by solutions. 

Admission to the public is free for all events. Community members of all walks and age are encouraged to attend and participate. Come for the weekend or stay for a week and visit some key resilience projects in a self-guided tour. Accommodation and workspace available as a package by connecting with Kootenays.org.

June 15: Food Forum

Dedicated to creating a resilient and equitable food system, the first event will feature presentations by experts in local growing, permaculture and global regenerative agriculture and vertical farming. Attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and contribute to a vision for sustainable food strategy. Click for the Food Forum Event Page.

July 20: Energy Expo

With a focus on renewable energy and conservation, the July event will showcase solutions for a sustainable energy future including micro hydro, geothermal, solar and wind that will allow Kaslo and other communities to go “off-grid”. An effort will be made to create a regular working group to achieve the goals set forth from the event. Click for the Energy Expo Event Page.

August 24: Housing Highlight

Expert speakers, both local and global, will delve into innovative housing solutions, emphasizing sustainability and affordability. This will focus on automated homebuilding, micro/modular housing and co-ownership of land. Will feature example communities and solutions in action to support as a regional Living Lab for dynamic experiments. Click for the Housing Highlight Event Page.

September 7: Mobility Motivate

Exploring electric, micro and shared mobility solutions, the September event will bring together experts, residents, visitors and global leaders to create a transportation plan for all. Click for the Mobility Motivate Event Page.


Interested in getting involved? Putting your time, energy and support into the Kootenay Resilience Movement? Fill out our Festival Questionnaire and someone will get back to you right away.