Writer Vince Shuley reports on the upcoming KMC sponsored Kootenay Coldsmoke Festival this weekend at Whitewater Winter Resort. Check out his article in the Whistler-based Pique Magazine. It’s a beaut!

Photo by Vince Shuley
When you hear the words “road trip” the pop culture image comes to mind of a busload of drunken, obnoxious college kids crossing state lines being chased by the authorities. Though this scenario is certainly not unheard of in Whistler, in a mountain town the road trip usually has a more focused goal — to explore mountains in distant places.

Skiing road trips refine the search even further, the aim being to ski your chosen resort in the most desirable of conditions – fresh powder. So where to drive a vehicle rammed with bodies and ski equipment on a late February weekend?

Nelson, B.C. checks all the boxes —the snow is light, dry and plentiful, it is far enough from Whistler to gain a few cramps from the 10-hour drive, and the surrounding mountains of the Selkirk Range are enough to make any Coast Mountain skier quiver in their boots.

And the best time to visit in the winter? This weekend.

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