As friends and sponsors of Sherpas Cinema, Kootenay Mountain Culture is ecstatic about two things. One, upcoming Nelson premiere of Into The Mind this Monday, October 7th at the Civic Theatre. And two, the full feature article about the Sherpas and their painstaking process in the next issue of our sister publication, Coast Mountain Culture Magazine…The Smart Issue. See above for a teaser of the article, written by CMC editor Mike Berard with photographs by Reuben Krabbe.

From the story:

“I just hope people fucking like it,” says an anxious Eric Crosland. “I’m super nervous and worried about it, to be honest. We’re putting all the chips on the table. We’re breaking all the rules you’re not supposed to break.” Along with co-director Dave Mossop and producer Malcolm Sangster, Crosland is one of the three principals behind Sherpas Cinema, the groundbreaking film-production company behind the 2011 ski film opus All.I.Can. We’re drinking cold beer at Whistler Brewing on a pleasant spring day. Although Crosland isn’t here for pleasure; he’s come for convenience—the brewery sits just around the corner from the Sherpas’ high-tech Function Junction studio in Whistler, British Columbia, where Crosland and crew have been working on Into the Mind, the highly anticipated follow-up to All.I.Can. For the past month, I have been trying to nail down one of the filmmakers for an interview. It’s been difficult, to say the least. These are men in the middle of a mission. Making a ski movie is a daunting process. Creating one that people actually remember past January is almost impossible. And following up what many call the smartest, most creative ski movie of all time? Well, that’s downright terrifying.

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Do yourself a favour. Get off your ass, procure a ticket by any means necessary, and get to the premiere. Once your mind recovers from being blown, seek out a copy of the new Smart Issue and read up on just how crazy it is to build ski media masterpieces. Also in this issue is an epic graphic novel-style story illustrated by none other than Whistler’s deviant artist Stu Mackay Smith, a feature on finding Utopia at Whitecap Alpine, the definitive adventurers think piece by the very talented Colin Whyte, the battle for Hurricane Ridge by Colin Wiseman, and an insightful wandering into the world of video games by Vince Shuley. It’s an all time issue.

See you at the show…