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Icicle Brewing Company has been turning out consistently quality craft beer. On top of that, they have hosted a variety of events from live music and fundraisers to picnics and trivia. Their goal is to not only produce good beer, but to also become a fixture of community support throughout their area. The Leisure Games were born on the idea of bettering community through leisure and sharing the strength of community through eating, drinking, dancing, and underhand tossing.

By relaxing and taking time to slow down, the Leisure Games hope to create an opportunity for family and friends to hang out in a setting that is both entertaining and constructive. Through a lot of fun and a little competition Icicle Brewing Company invites everyone 21 and over to the Leisure Games on February 15th at the Leavenworth Festhalle to experience a unique part of town.

*Tickets go on sale January 15th and will be $15 for General Admission and $70 for an Official Leisure Game Team of 4


The Leisure Games are comprised of 4 elements: Music, Games, Beer & Food



This year they have really stepped it up by bringing the high energy, fun and entertaining MarchFourth Marching Band followed by one of Seattle’s raddest rock bands, Kithkin. This is certainly one of the greatest live shows Leavenworth has ever seen!


The games are designed after the kind of games you would play at a BBQ or a tailgate (Cornhole, Washers, Ladderball, Ring Toss, Disc Toss, Lawn Darts, even Horseshoes) Teams of 4 will get 2 chances at a total of 10 games to collect their highest score. All games are played drink in hand and at a leisurely pace to ensure the integrity of the #1 rule: No Running *note- only 100 teams available this year!


Icicle Brewing Company is brewing a specialty beer specific for the Leisure Games called the Kickstand Easy Ale and at 4% ABV, it is sure to create a balance of leisure and beer. On top of the Kickstand Easy Ale, Icicle Brewing Company will also be supplying their Khaos Kolsch. All proceeds from beer sales will benefit the Ski Hill Memorial Project.


Leisure food is a style of food that can be consumed with one hand, thus freeing the other for tossing, drinking, and high fiving. All proceeds from food sales benefit the Cascade Education Foundation.

For details about Icicle Brewing Company and further information about the Leisure Games you can find information and contact info at:

Brewery Website: www.iciclebrewing.com

Brewery Facebook: www.facebook.com/IcicleBrewingCompany

Leisure Games Website: www.iciclebrewing.com/leisure-games.html *Tickets available here

Leisure Games Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheLeisureGames

Email: iciclebrewingpr@gmail.com

Phone: 509-548-BREW (2739)