Publisher Peter Moynes logs on to get a custom jacket designed by MADE apparel. Is this the future of outdoor clothing? Read his review to find out.

MADE is a new, highly innovate brand that is comprised of individuals with many years worth of experience in the outdoor manufacturing industry. They’ve taken their expertise and experience and applied it to a business model that creates custom products for you based on your exact measurements. All from the comfort of your couch.

Snapshot: MADE Custom Apparel Hard Shell Jacket

    1. Pros: Obviously fit. This is MY jacket. It was custom made for me. I love everything from the colour to the zippers to the pockets.
    2. Cons: It’s tough to come up with one: I got exactly what I ordered.
    3. Price: $750.00 Cdn
    4. Who Should Buy: Outdoor recreationalists who buy top brands in outerwear as well as those with body types that don’t fit the standard mould.
    5. Who Shouldn’t Buy: If you weren’t buying high-end jackets before, this would be a big step up in terms of price.
    6. Helpful Hack: If you get some chairlift dirt or grease on the jacket, you don’t need to wash the whole thing. The jackets “finish” makes it easy to clean stains with warm water and a bit of soap. It is also very repellent to surface moisture and grime.
    7. Author’s overall rating: 10/10

The Test

I used this jacket in all sorts of mountain environments and for various activities, from skiing the resort to backcountry touring to standing around in the cold watching junior freeskiing competitions. Because the jacket is a shell, layering decisions are going to have an impact on its overall effectiveness. I tend to run a bit cold so I wore the jacket on both the up track and the descent. It’s light enough to keep on while climbing but it also has ample-sized pit zips for those who get too sweaty on the ascents. If you do need to shed the layer on the up track, this jacket is extremely lightweight and packs down into a small package. For the ski hill, and standing around watching ski comps, the “three-layer fabric” makes the jacket extremely windproof. Again, a few good layers beneath, and you don’t even notice the wind squalls and frigid conditions.

The Verdict

As mentioned in the intro, you’d be hard-pressed to purchase a more comfortable jacket from a retail outlet because this is custom-designed for your body. Plus the sizing procedure is very simple: first you have someone take photos of you in your under layer; then you upload the photos to the MADE website; and in three weeks or so, your jacket arrives at your door. In this day and age, think of how many jackets are produced, that never get purchased, and end up in the landfill. With MADE, there is no waste. One jacket, made just for you.

These jackets are not inexpensive, however. But I look after my gear and expect this will last at least four or five seasons. Quality costs. And if you buy an inferior product for less but it only lasts two seasons, well, you do the math. This jacket comes with welded seams, waterproof zippers, and a three-layer waterproof fabric.

If you are the type of person with a body type that doesn’t fit the norm, or someone who likes to stand out in a crowd, a MADE jacket might make sense for you. The customization of colours and accessories allows you to create outerwear that no one else in the lift line will ever have.

MADE Custom Apparel Hard Shell Jacket – The Deets

  • MSRP: $750 Cdn
  • Size: this jacket is custom-sized to your body type
  • Zipper options: two-way, full front, or partial
  • Colour: there are 12 colours to choose from as well as a variety of zipper colours
  • Hood: full-featured, stowable, lightweight or none
  • Cuff: wrist gaiter, adjustable, or lightweight
  • Hem: lightweight or adjustable
  • Pockets: a variety of options are available for your hands, as well as on the chest, arm, interior and back
  • Ventilation: underarm, back of arm, to the hem, or none
  • More info:

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