We here at the Mountain Culture Group wanted to wish everyone out there a big Happy Solstice, and all the other holidays you might celebrate of course. From our glorious readers, to our amazing advertisers, the hundreds of stores and backcountry operations that lovingly distribute our magazine throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, our amazingly talented contributors: the writers, illustrators, artists, photographers and adventurers that continually blow our minds with their creativity and passion, the list of people to wish thanks to is big and beautiful. It’s a real honor for us to be in the position where we get to play a part in the mountain culture milieu. It’s a great responsibility, one we don’t take lightly, and an incredible adventure we’ve been on since we first launched Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine 15 years ago. So, may the snow be light and dry and oh so deep. May you find yourself with great friends and family as you take a break from daily responsibilities and play in the wondrous wilderness of our backyards. From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!