This past March 16th, the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort hosted their first annual West Coast Photo Showdown, a fundraiser the Pacific Rim Whale Festival, and Coast Mountain Culture teamed up with Lowepro, Stanley Park Brewery and Mission Hill to support it. The event was a great showcase of local talent and we look forward to seeing next year’s event. Here are the four winners.

Professional- George Fifield- “Rainforest Trail”

Wave- Adam DeWolfe- “From Inside a Wave”

Wildlife- Allison Timmermans- “Cave Crickets on Commers”

Nature- Skye Ketlison- “Hippe Van”


Oh, and if you’ve never been to the Black Rock, do it. For real. – Mike Berard 

Photo: George J. Fifield

“I have been a nature photographer on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island for 35 years. The natural biodiversity of the Island is second to none. I have been published in several magazines, books, and major newspapers throughout B.C., as well as production of post cards, posters, and photo C.D.’s for the local tourism industry.” – George J. Fifield


Photo: Adam Dewolfe

“I have a passionate affair with the ocean, and, like most surfers, it keeps me grounded. Born on a small island off of Vancouver Island on the west coast, I have always had water to play in at my front step. My dad is a fisherman, and my mom is an all-around artistic person. I’m lucky to say that my fire for an alternative lifestyle and photography was well fed with support from friends and family.

I’ve been shooting photos and capturing video for over five years now and have had my ups and downs with the surf industry. I now shoot mostly for fun and as a form of creative expression. Now living full time in Tofino, BC, you can catch me out there rain or shine. If its raining I most likely will leave the photo gear on the beach and trade it for some weird surf craft probably made of wood.” – Adam Dewolfe


Photo: Skye Ketilson

Skye Ketilson has been an avid amateur photographer for over ten years. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Skye completed her Masters in Environment and Sustainability, her Iyengar yoga teacher training, and felt a pull towards the ocean. In 2011, Skye and her husband moved to Tofino, where they had honeymooned in 2009, and fell in love with the place. Capturing pictures of the most beautiful town in canada was an easy past time, and along with photography, Skye keeps herself busy painting and teaching yoga.

Cave Cricket on Combers by Allison Timmermans
Photo: Allison Timmermans

Allison Timmermans has spent most of her life in Ucluelet. In her free time she can be found hiking, beach combing, canoeing, fishing and camping with her trusty camera by her side.