Fernie is a mountain town, with four distinct and very different seasons, each offering a mountain of activities and adventures. So once spring officially arrives, the residents of Fernie like nothing more than to dream of the upcoming season and all it has to offer. Cue biking.

Well at least dreaming of biking. At present we are still experiencing top Fernie factor snowfall. But it goes without saying that Fernie residents like to bike. Whether cruising downtown or hitting the 300+kms of single track Fernie has to offer, biking is a big part of Fernie’s spring, summer and fall. Cue Project 9 Pils.

Fernie Brewing Co.’s latest brew is a Pilsner. In the past we have produced a refreshing Lager and more recently an easy-drinking Blonde Ale, but spring of 2014 sees a popular Pilsner hitting shelves, taps, golf courses, and well stocked post-bike beer fridges, of course.

“Brewed right in the Canadian Rockies, Project 9 is a true Bavarian Pilsner with exceptional continental hop flavour that can only be achieved by a selection of fine noble hops including the Saaz variety. The use of Munich, Pilsner and Pale western Canadian malts and time honoured brewing methods produces a clean, crisp Bavarian Pilsner that is truly transcendent,” says Brewmaster Gord Demaniuk.

Coming in at IBU 35 and 5% alc./vol. it promises great hop flavour, with the perfect refreshment of a crisp summer session beer.