The KMC ad sales crew were lucky enough to spend the weekend of Feb 20th at Baldface lodge shredding some of their delicious terrain. It was rainy in town, but Baldface was getting hammered with platefuls of the fluffy white. For deep storm skiing, baldface is world class. Picture skiing through perfectly spaced stands of giant Spruce and Hemlocks, blower pow, hitter booter after booter. Euphoric.

Our guides Andy and Heidi were top drawer. Heidi can put most men to shame on skis, and Andy is as pro on the board, but never could stick that back flip! We got lucky enough to shred one run with the big man himself, Jeff Pensiero (seen here exaggerating to guest, and surf board builder Art from North Pacific surfboards, about how big he went on the previous run). Lodge owner, snowboarder, comedian, fix it guy, bartender, and occasional ping pong champ, Pensiero wears all the hats. Over the years he and his staff have created an incredible ski experience, a short flight from one of the coolest little towns in North America. Add it to the “to do” list, but I warn you in advance, two days is not enough!