With earth-friendly buying emphasizing local main-street economies, we thought it was time to take on local high fashion. Set on a decidedly rural runway, we go all Kootenay-couture in our first-ever summer fashion spread. Can you dig it? No flannel! Photos by Bryce Duffy. Styling and creative direction by Poinsetta Lane.

Auraya Marshall wears a dyed silk dress by We Are Stories/Tracey Fillion (Nelson), a corset by Local Pervert/Mannah May (Vancouver), and jewelry by Zoe Bemused (Ymir).

Jess Lockhart in a hand-painted leather jacket by Evan Biddell (Fernie/Toronto), with jewelry by Zoe Bemused (Ymir).

Gabriel Smith ponders in a jumpsuit by We Are Stories/Tracey Fillion (Nelson), denim jacket by Evan Biddell (Fernie/Toronto), and jewelry by Zoe Bemused (Ymir.)

Kate McRae lounges in a mesh top by Local Pervert/Mannah May (Vancouver), hand-painted pants by Evan Biddell (Fernie/Toronto), jewelry by Zoe Bemused (Ymir), handwoven baskets by Gwen Graovac Basketry (Winlaw).